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The #ridewithpabs Experiment

The last decade of bike shop life has been truly incredible. Great friends made, community bonds expanded, and overwhelming stoke levels from our local cycling culture. But sometimes, the world tosses nails under your tire, and you either swerve or flat out.

I'm fortunate to have a crew with the ability to accept and embrace change, knowing it is of the utmost importance to evolve and keep the momentum rolling forward.

After dealing with, what I will refer to as "the year prior," we started 2021 with fresh eyes. The PABS Crew was looking forward to the opportunity to ride with our bike friends after a thought-provoking hiatus. We had already hosted many events and wanted to develop rides that provide more meaningful experiences for participants than all of our past happenings. 2021 was the start of our #ridewithpabs experiment.

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