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About PABS

Located in Downtown Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Johnny opened Point Area Bicycle Service in 2012 to nurture the growing cycling culture.  Now in our twelfth year, our adept crew has gained recognition as one of the go-to adventure and mountain biking shops in the midwest.


We believe in the power of the bicycle and its ability to change lifestyles within our community.  Our mission is to provide all levels of cyclists with expert bicycle service, high-quality bicycles, and cycling products while supporting our community. 

Whether you desire a new two-wheeled ride or want to put life back into that old bicycle of yours, PABS  is here for you. Our expert staff strives for top-notch service and the comfort of our guests.

At PABS, everybody is welcome and will always be treated with respect.  


Our Crew

PABS Staff

Todd Ewer


Todd is the latest addition to our team.  Once a customer of our shop, we saw Todd's passion for all things bicycles, and we knew he would make a great co-worker.  He's been impressing us with his expanding skillset and is always thirsty for more mechanical knowledge.  When Todd isn't wrenching on bikes, he's either taking friends bikepacking, riding a century, or dabbling as a tapster at a local favorite watering hole.  

Johnny Pabs

Johnny Pawlak


Johnny "Pabs" Pawlak opened Point Area Bicycle Service in early 2012 after moving from Madison, WI, back to Stevens Point.  While in Madison, he expanded his skill set by working alongside several professional bicycle mechanics and wheel builders.  He strives to create meaningful events to inspire and nurture cycling culture within the community and is super proud of the staff at PABS for keeping him on the right path. If you have hand-built wheels from our shop, chances are Johnny built them.

PABS Staff

Alan Dahlke

Shop Manager

Heavily involved in the motorsports world for many years, Alan brings 18 years of expert suspension knowledge and top-notch mechanical skill, all at an envious detail level.  We're delighted to have Alan hold the reins here at PABS; his level of expertise is second to none, and we're always impressed with his professionalism.  If Alan isn't at the shop, you'll find him traveling the world or shredding singletrack and gravel all over the country.  When your ride needs suspension work done, hands down, Alan is the one you want working on it. 

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