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So you want to buy a bicycle?

We want to make the process of choosing the correct bike easy.  With the current availability issues the cycling industry is facing, we've created three options for our customers who are shopping for bicycles that are not currently on our showroom floor.  Please read our deposit policies below and contact us with any questions.

Option 1: No Deposit – General Call Back List

  • Best for customers shopping around and are unsure of the exact specifications.

No Holds – First Come, First Serve
When a bike ships from the manufacturer, PABS staff calls everyone on the waitlist. Sales are
on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Option 2: $100 Deposit – Guaranteed Place in Line

  • Best for customers with a serious interest in a specific bicycle and intend to purchase

        but are not wanting to fully commit without a test ride.

Short Term Hold – Deposit Holds Customer’s Place in Line for a Specific Bike
When the bike ships from the manufacturer, customers on the deposit list have first priority over
the general call-back list. Customers will be called in the order their deposits were placed. The
A $100 deposit ONLY holds a customer’s place in line; it does NOT guarantee a bike.
The customer will be contacted when the bike is assembled and ready to test ride. At this time, the
customer must choose between the following:

  1. If the customer no longer wants the bicycle, they will be refunded the full $100 deposit.

  2. If the customer would like to test ride the bicycle, they will have five days to do so. The

        $100 deposit will be issued as a store credit/gift card at this point. The deposit is no
        longer refundable.

  • The customer has 72 hours to return messages and/or e-mails.

This option does not guarantee the customer a bicycle. Customers willing to purchase the bike
outright will have priority; for all others, the $100 deposit will be refunded.

Option 3: 30% Non-Refundable Bike Reservation – Outright Purchase

  • Best for customers confident in the bike they are choosing, understand the possible

        range in timeframes for arrival dates, and are no longer shopping for alternatives.

Customer is Purchasing the Bike

This option allows for purchasing a bicycle without requiring full payment upfront.


Exclusions: These terms apply only to models arriving for general showroom stock. Special
order bikes are excluded; separate terms apply.
** Bikes arriving more than 45 days from the original estimated time of arrival are granted a
refund exception.

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