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Handbuilt Wheels

Whether you need a reliable wheelset for touring, a bombproof set to hit the trails, or one that can withstand the abuse of city streets, we can build you a solid set of wheels you can rely on for years to come.


Why hand-built wheels?


     Unlike a wheel built by a machine, we can scrutinize the small details that make a solid wheel. One of the biggest factors that create a stronger set of wheels is proper stress relieving of the spokes. Without this step, a wheel may come out of true after a few rides once the spokes settle in. A skilled wheel-builder can notice any irregularities that a machine misses. Final adjustments in tension and truing are important to make a long-lasting wheel. If you choose to go with a hand-built set of wheels, not only do you benefit from a strong wheel, you have the option to choose the rim, hub, and spokes that fit your riding needs.

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